Monday, August 29, 2011

Mama, I'm definitely not in Texas anymore

So, I go to school in this tiny village called "Ada." That's right. This is a village, not a town, not a city... a village. I'm used to a city of over six million people running around in cars all day. Here, we're lucky to get a traffic jam when the local high school football team has a game on Friday night. We're surrounded by corn and it takes me over an hour to drive to the closest Target. Still though, there are so many wonderful things about this place. I am never worried about walking around by myself, one thing I can hardly do in my neighborhood back home. I also feel like I know so many people on my campus. If I went to a larger university I wouldn't be able to interact with nearly as many kids. I feel so connected to everyone here. I see the same people in the eating hall (a completely different blog post all together), in class and at parties on the weekends. It's truly a home atmosphere. It may seem a bit like high school, which can be annoying sometimes, but I feel like this small town is an escape from the hectic life I lived back in Houston. I only have eight choices for restaurants, I'm not blowing all of my money on shopping and I am not wasting gas to go get fro-yo every night. The nights on campus are so beautiful this time of year as well. You can see all of the stars and it's so lovely to just go sit on a bench in the middle of campus. There's so much light pollution in Houston that it is almost day time all of the time.

This is a really busy time on campus. . My sorority is about to start recruitment, the local PRSSA chapter just put on a fundraiser and I'm in rehearsals for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. All of the fraternities are throwing really great parties and classes are starting to hand out more and more homework. I can't wait for the semester to get going to make more memories with my friends here and to cram some more knowlegde into my noggin.


food for thought: "I don't have the time to hate people that hate me cause I'm too busy loving the people that love me."- Drake

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