Friday, September 16, 2011

I Want You to Take Over Control

So, companies need to stop being old fashioned. Our world is changing, and it is changing fast. In David Scott's, Real-Time Marketing & PR he stresses the fact that companies need to take action fast. There are so many opportunities in today's virtual world to make an impact. Every important and shocking event or viral video provides some sort of opportunity for some niche market. What I find so surprising is that the people that are making the most impact online are not the huge corporate giants that we associate business with. It's the little people, specialty craft-shops, interesting new music artists and people that have passions for the weirdest things. The Internet has become a specialty shop that caters to different people. What the big companies need to learn is that when an opportunity arises they need to strike. As Scott says, companies need to start letting their employees act like adults and take steps to help the company expand its horizons. In the case of United Breaks Guitars, Dalton cases and Taylor Guitars grasped a prime opportunity to expand their businesses. Now, not every single viral video can be capitalized on, but I truly believe that monitoring the web is essential to a company's relevance today. While big business still reigns in America, it seems like it is the little guys who really have it figured out. Hopefully corporate America will take some steps to modernize themselves and grasp the many opportunities available to them on-line!


food for thought: "Independent media can go to where the silence is and break the sound barrier, doing what the corporate networks refuse to do"- Amy Goodman

woah, that's neat: << An awesome article about photography of iconic people and history (two of my favorite things) :)

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