Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Social Media Site

So, there is a new social media site that I am really excited about. This new site is called "Ayloo" and it has a really neat premise. This site builds off of the premise of creating conversations. People can join feeds about anything, say theatre or photography, and if a feed isn't available you can create one. Whenever you post something in one of these feeds it not only contacts the other people following this interest, but also the people you are friends with. One of the coolest features that I've found is the "sprout" option. You can take a comment someone makes and then sprout another idea off of it! Ayloo also has privacy features like Google +'s circle function, you create lists of people that can see specific things or comment on things that you set for them. The sites layout is also extremely stream-lined and cute. I am really excited about the possibilities of this site. It allows you to express yourself through blog form and to reach the target audiences that matter to you most. Users are able to interact on subjects that they are truly passionate about, which is awesome. The new advances in Social media are remarkable. There are so many exciting sites out there to try out. I don't know if I will be joining Ayloo, but its presence is definitely exciting to the Social Media Sphere!


food for thought: "You cannot avoid peace by avoiding life" - Virginia Woolf

woah, that's neat: < here is the link to Ayloo! I suggest you try it out. I know I'm gonna snoop around it!

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  1. This is really cool! I feel like this is a great tool to use to get feedback or streamline ideas if you're working getting your creative juices flowing for a project or something. I wonder if this will take off!