Friday, September 23, 2011

Personal Bubble

So, I feel like corporate America has become to full of themselves. After reading a few chapters in David Scotts, Real Time Marketing and PR I've realised how out of touch so many companies have become. They are literally dinosaurs. All of the little mom and pop shops out there know how they should interact with their customers. They are continually thanking their customers for their business, because they know without them they would flop. Huge corporations now are starting to take advantage of our business. We need to become smarter consumers. We can't keep letting companies with poor customer service degrade us and make us wait hours for a phone operator or jump through loopholes to get something fixed. In today's economy we have so many options available at our disposal, I don't see why people aren't switching loyalties to have the best experience they can. If a company is contiually shutting you down or ignoring you... why would you even want to be associated with them? If we have friends who treat us like crap we aren't going to be friends with them anymore, so why is it so different with companies? Companies need to learn to put a human face on their giant industries. They need to let customer service help you out instead of given the chosen few some "perks." It is all the more important to reach out to current customers today when there are so many options available. I just hope when I am starting to interact more with corporate America that they will start to actually want to value me.


food for thought: "Action makes more fortune than caution."- Charlotte Whitton

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