Thursday, September 29, 2011

Public Relations Love

So, I love my major. I love the possibilities that I have with Public Relations. Everyone, every company, every person, needs to have an image that they portray to audiences. Every industry needs Public Relations professionals to carry on an image or a brand, to respond to crisis, to drive web traffic. I can't wait to see where my major takes me. At first, I thought I wanted to work in corporate PR for an oil company. Oil has been the only thing I've known my whole life, and the crisis and law aspect are so interesting to me. Then I thought about my artsy and creative side. So I moved on to PR for theatres. They always need help in selling seats or bringing in artists. It's so important to bring in audiences and donations in theatres and since I was a theatre major, I think I would have a passion for that. Now, my interests have changed again. At the moment, and I'm SURE this is going to change, I'd love to work for a music event company. Some company like C3, Insomniac or DayGlow would bring me so much joy. A) I love music, B) concerts and events are what I thrive on and C) these companies host events across the US (and even the globe). Music is such a huge part of my life and I have always loved throwing dance parties. I think being a PR major and working in (or starting up) a company like this would be so wonderful. But really, who knows? There are so many possibilities and options open to me. I've met people who do PR for the agriculture industry, the food industry, the travel industry,  the fashion industry and even the sports industry. I know that this major will prove fruitful to me in the future. I have so many opportunities to network with professionals and to pursue areas of interest. I can't wait to see where life and PR take me!


food for thought: "Hakuna Matata."- Timon and Pumba

woah, that's neat: << I know a lot of you know this website. I am obsessed with all of the subreddits that are available!

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  1. I agree with you completely! I love how you have progressed through the various areas in the field--I did the same! I started in PR to go green and work to promote those practices. I moved to event planning and now I love nonprofit, again rediscovering environmental nonprofits. It all comes full circle! I think that's very normal to always think, "what's next?" Keep looking forward! :)