Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recent Facebook Changes Upsetting Users

So, Facebook has been making a lot of changes lately. They most recently changed the chat bar on the side of the screen and many of my friends have been complaining lately. The chat bar now features a Twitter like updating station where you can see all of your friends most recent activities on Facebook. When you scroll over the picture in this sidebar you can actually see the conversation taking place between people commenting on each other statuses or posting on others walls. The format for viewing pictures has changed as well as many new capabilities in photo "tagging." There are new status bars for "recent stories" versus "top stories". I've also noticed that facebook has been starting to add some of the features that Google plus came up with. You can now set privacy settings like "acquaintance" or "family." This sounds and looks very similar to Google+ social circle system. I think that by the recent popularity of Google+ and other new upcoming social media sites, Facebook is starting to get scared. The onslaught of all of these changes is leaving users stressed out from having to figure out what everything is every week. Although these things have all left users distressed, the new technology is pretty incredible. Facebook now has smart lists and preferences your chats through who you interact with the most. Also the idea of a cleaner looking page with groups and lists on the side is a great way to categorize who you interact with. I'm very excited for the changes coming in Social Media- but Facebook seriously needs to let up on the changes.


food for thought: "You have to dream before your dreams can come true."- Abdul Kalam

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  1. I agree! The changes are annoying confusing! It seems like every time you get used to a new change, they change it again! and I hate the "Recent stories" vs "top stories" thing! It just clutters the news feed.