Saturday, September 10, 2011

There Will be Blood

So, I recently watched the movie "There will be Blood". It was A) an absolutely phenomenal movie (everyone should watch it) and B) actually had a cool lesson about Public Relations in it. You may think this is sort of a stretch, but Daniel Day Lewis's character was a very brilliant, if not conniving, PR man. He used what he had to his advantage. The character had an absolutely adorable son that he would take around with him to influence property owner's. He also used his son to portray a "family-man" image, making land sellers more inclined to use his services. Lewis's character also showed up to every well he had in progress. He wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty or to work hard for what he wanted. Lewis also made sure to converse and make himself known to the people in the towns he worked in. He held "press conferences" where the whole town showed up and he interacted with the locals. At one point in the movie he even buys a little girl a dress. Although in the end Lewis was extremely corrupt, I think this movie had a great story about the way PR used to work. People had to set out to create their own distinct images, just like they do today. Lewis's character set himself apart with a completely different image and mentality than other oil men at the time. He wasn't afraid to work with his men, showing that he truly cared about the business. He made himself available to the people in his town. These tactics were all used to Lewis's benefit (even if he did manipulate the townspeople slightly). As PR practicioners today we must use the resources we have at our fingertips to reach our audiences and create new images for ourselves.


food for thought: "Lost time is never found again"- Benjamin Franklin

woah, that's neat: < Um, world Nutella day? Can't wait to make every single one of these recipes

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