Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You are what you Eat

So, my schools cafeteria is awful and everyone knows it. Everyone dreads eating at "MAC." The food is either super greasy or completely unappealing. The meals they serve are made up of mystery meat, colorless vegetables and TONS of carbs. No wonder people on campus complain about putting on weight. We have absolutely no healthy options available to us. You may disagree and say, "Oh, but ONU has a salad bar." I agree that eating at the salad bar is a good option, but only if the vegetables are fresh. Half the time I'm eating wilted spinach with over-ripe cherry tomatoes and soggy cucumbers. I may seem to be overreacting- but if I'm paying so much money for a meal plan that I don't even want, I should at least get to eat something appetizing. It seems that the only things people enjoy eating in MAC are the desserts and pasta. Bread, bread and more bread. There have been times where I have walked through the lunch hall and gotten sick to my stomach looking at my options. I just don't know what can be done to change this.... Could student senate bring something up? Should someone talk to the president? I hate to rag on MAC, but its the only place we have to eat on campus. I'm a poor college student and shouldn't have to be wasting my money on meals off-campus or using my extra dining dollars every day. I just hope by the time I graduate things in the eating hall change. I can't stand one more day of peanut butter and bananas or cereal for lunch.


food for thought: "The best way out is always through"- Robert Frost

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  1. I most absolutely agree! Mac food is terrible. Right along with the "mac attacks". I heard they actually put in preservatives to keep the food so called fresh, hence for the "mac attacks". I dont even eat there anymore. thank god

  2. I never thought that MAC food was terrible all the time. Somedays they would pull through. But not having a meal plan = making your own food. I thought that it would sound fun when I decided to live off campus but I find myself not having the time to cook a meal on most days...and if you know me you would know that I don't cook very well. Sometimes I wish I could still meal swipe into MAC for lunch.