Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All Hallow's Eve

So, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Notice the all caps? That was on purpose, because I am so obsessed with Halloween. You're probably thinking something along the lines of Mean Girls. "Oh Lauren, you just like Halloween because you can dress is slutty clothes and get away with it." I mean, there is some appeal to this aspect of Halloween but that isn't just it. Halloween has so many really neat traditions and history. Like candy corn, pumpkin carving, trick or treating and all of the ghouls and monsters we associate with Halloween. Halloween even has other counterparts in other parts of the world. El dia de los muertos in most Latin American countries is very similar to our Halloween. Halloween always has a sense of mystery and mischief. You get to be someone else for a night, whether you're a ghost, or a power ranger or a character from Alice in Wonderland. You get to partake in all of the things that you normally can't do during the year. You can hoard candy. You can be a masked character that no one knows. You can throw eggs or toilet paper peoples houses (although I do not advise doing this I feel like this has been in every Halloween movie I've ever seen). Monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula come from the dead to haunt us and scare us for one night a year. We take so much pleasure in being frightened this one night and then the next morning all the monsters are gone from view. I can't wait for Halloween. I can't wait for the little kids to come to my dorm room door for candy. I can't wait to dress up. This year I'm going to be a day of the dead doll and a vampire. I got custom fangs to put in. I also bought a Halloween vest for Monday. Halloween is my one time to go all out, and I'm definitely ready to howl at the moon this weekend!


food for thought: "When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween." - Anonymous

woah, that's neat: www.favim.com/image/60503/<< This is my Friday night Halloween costume. Told you I went all out!

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  1. I absolutely love Halloween! I feel like it is a time to act childish and dress ridiculous and not get the judgmental eye. I can't believe it is only a couple days away!