Sunday, October 2, 2011

How Social Media will Change the World

So, we just finished Real Time Marketing & PR by David Scott. I found this book to be very influential and insightful into how companies should be using social media and online tools. These real-time tools are essential to the growth of a company's brand name and reputation. The book ended with a big bang too, telling readers many success stories of how real-time tools have helped many people. I think businesses would be surprised how well online tools can help them. People are doing amazing things with social media and a great example from the book is Amanda Palmer. Palmer is a singer and was stuck in Iceland during the volcano a few years ago. Instead of whining and moping in the airport, Palmer went straight to her social media following- asking for rides and places to stay. She set up a concert in only a few hours and got free drinks to boot. If companies took every opportunity they could to use real-time media, the corporate world would change rapidly. I think that consumers would become more well-informed. Not only that, but consumers would have more allegiance to their brands because of the statements and interaction companies have with them. In a world that is moving a hundred miles a minute, it is important for companies to keep up the pace. The corporations must realize that we are moving back to the days of old where interactions are essential. People are saying things online about companies and these companies need to take notice!


food for thought: "Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away."- Arthur Helps

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