Thursday, October 27, 2011

Social Breakdown

So, I haven't had internet access on my phone for about two weeks. I can't get on Facebook. I can't get on Twitter. I can't check in on my FourSquare. Life is pretty rough right now. But, in reality, I can't tell if this is such a bad coincidence at all. I always seem to be on Twitter when I'm bored in class, or replying to Facebook messages. I find myself being more productive and getting more things done. True, I can't reply to the funny tweet that my friend posted about something relevant that day. I can't get my daily fix of Disney quotes, but this break from social media has been wonderful. Sometimes the amount of information that you receive in one day can be tough. Not only that, but sometimes I feel almost forced to make sure I tweet enough in one day, or make sure my Facebook status is updated regularly or that I am checked in everywhere I go on FourSquare. It is taxing to keep up with all of my social networks at one time! Now I see why it is so important for companies to keep up with their networks as often and as much as possible. If I was my own company, with my phone broken down I couldn't see what my friends are saying about me or to me at this moment. I wouldn't be able to update my Facebook as regularly as possible. I am also really surprised at how much my phone is a part of my life. I do so much on it and always have it on me. I feel naked without my phone in my hand or close by. As humans I think we feel the need to be in constant contact with people, but sometimes we truly need a break. I'm glad that my phone isn't working at the moment. Yes, sometimes it's annoying when I get on my computer and have 50 new tweets, but I'll get back on the social media train soon. For now I'm gonna kick back and relax and finally finish reading that book I've always wanted to instead of reading my Twitter feed.


food for thought: "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." - Anonymous

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