Sunday, October 16, 2011

Social Media Etiquette

So, I think our generation is becoming ruined by social media. Nowadays we tweet at whomever we feel like we have any sort of connection with. I recently had a conversation with a peer who stated that he hated when people direct message him whenever they have just had a handshake, and I can't agree more. Facebook and Twitter have desensitized our relationships. We feel like any person we have spoken to once warrants a Facebook friend request or a Twitter follow. I am completely at fault about this as well. I think that we are so eager to be friends with everyone and not really strengthen or deepen relationships with people. We judge them from their profile pictures or get annoyed by their over sharing tweets. I think that the best way to get around this subject is the new social media "circles" being introduced. If I add someone on Facebook or Google+ I think that I will start to place them in a category labeled "professional." I think the use of these filters will really help with my interactions with these people. I can share the things that I think are considered professional or pertinent to the field of public relations. Not everyone needs to know that I am going to a concert over the weekend or that I will be at home over break. I just wish that Twitter would institute this circle tactic. I would love it if I could have filters labeled, "PR", "News," "Celebrities", and "Friends." So when does adding or following go to far? I think that a direct message or chat is too personal for someone I have only had a brief conversation with. A mention on Twitter is completely fine for a presentational speaker, a celebrity or even a shout out to a new acquaintance. I think that we just have to be careful to not go too far and consider new people best friends on social media right off the bat. We need to have just as much concern with exposure as ever before. Who knows who these people have connections to or who they are friends with? I need to get on reorganizing my Facebook and Twitter settings to make sure that I'm not over sharing or annoying people who could be new professional connections!


food for thought: "It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall"- Mexican Proverb

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