Thursday, October 20, 2011

Twitter Bird

So, I found this article on detailing a contest of ugly twitter birds. These birds are hilarious illustrations of all of the ways the twitter bird could've gone wrong. I think this is a great way to show how much this social media site has changed out lives and how even social media platforms need to be branded. Had the twitter bird icon been different, would we have reacted to the site differently? I feel like we could have! I honestly can not think of the facebook logo not being in that boxy type with a blue background and I can't imagine my blogger icon not being that weird-fonted orange thing. How did they even go about picking a bird as their icon? Branding for websites seems to encompass so many of the same things that businesses must worry about. They have to pick a catchy url, a really great layout and cool features. Just like a business these sites have help centers for customer service and constantly update to keep modernized.I have never really thought of social media sites needing branding because they seem to help with the branding of so many other businesses. It is so necessary to keep these sites updated and modernized so that fans of these sites stick around. Who wants to be using the interface of yesterday?

Lauren Tennet

food for thought: "Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun."- George Scialabra

woah, that's neat: << A neat site like "bag borrow or steal" but for clothes! Just rent for a week and send back... pretty cool idea.

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