Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weather in Ada

So, this may seem like a really lame post, but I am seriously in love with this weather we are having. For the past few days the sun has been out and the grass has been so green. The leaves are all starting to turn. This is totally my favorite time of the year. Fall always brings back so many memories. It remind me of apple cider, hay rides, Halloween and snuggling. You can smell fall on the air and hear it in every crunch of a leaf that you step on. It makes me miss my old convertible, because on days when the sun was shining and the wind was just right I would go ride around Houston with the top down. I've been making sure to keep my blinds open these past few days, because I know that winter is coming soon. I really wish it could stay like this forever. Then again, if it was this nice all the time, I don't think I would appreciate it as much. I think that's why God made the Fall and the Spring. They're the most wonderful times of the year and I appreciate them so much.

I'm really excited for these next couple of weeks of my life too. This weekend I get to go home to see all of my wonderful friends and family. I've really missed Texas, and it will be nice to get to see everyone, even if it's only for a few days. Then next week I'm going to be attending the PRSSA National Conference in Orlando Florida. I am SUPER pumped to go and learn so many wonderful new things about PR. Then when I return I'm going to dayglow, the weekend after that is homecoming and the weekend after that I'm going to see one of my favorite DJs- Skrillex. My life is jam packed full of wonderful things right now, but lets just hope I can stay on top of my school work!


Food for thought: "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."- Steve Jobs

woah, that's neat: << a hilarious comic in honor of the late and great Steve Jobs :)

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  1. This is far from a lame post! The weather has been absolutely fantastic. Personally, the change in weather has lifted my spirits and as corny as it may sound, makes me happy. Also, enjoying this nice weather and then going to even nicer weather will a great extended fall break. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a continuing nice weather pattern for when you all return to Ada :)!