Friday, October 14, 2011

Where Dreams Really Do Come True

So, I'm currently in Orlando, Florida for our National PRSSA conference. I am so excited to be here and I am so excited for what this week is going to hold. I love to learn, and the conference presentations look really great. I can't wait to attend the Fashion and Entertainment seminars, because we don't really discuss these PR careers at my school. Yesterday we went to Disneyworld, a.k.a the most wonderful place on Earth. It was my sixth time to go to the park and it never ever loses its magic. This was the first time I have gone without any sort of family or chaperone around. It was great to pick whatever attractions I wanted to go to or park hop wherever I wanted. We went to three out of the four parks yesterday: Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and, my personal favorite, Epcot. Disneyworld never ceases to amaze me. The staff there is always courteous and the atmosphere is always so welcoming. I never feel rushed or pushed around at Disneyworld. They have truly built an atmosphere of pleasing and helping people. What I love the most about Disneyworld is that they care so much about inviting there audiences to play. Whenever you walk through a line for a ride, the decorations always reflect what's instore for your ride. On Star Tours there are robots that interact with you, before Toy Story Midway Mania Mr. Potato head picks out kids to chat with and before you get on Tower of Terror videos explain the past to you. At the Epcot world pavilions they hire people from the native countries and encourage them to speak in their native languages. Disney is all about the experience. They care so much about their reputation as a company and care about their customers. They have built up a brand that will live on for generations because of their great customer service and fantasy worlds. I love Disney more than anything and I can not wait until I have children that I can take there!!


food for thought: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."- Walt Disney

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