Friday, November 4, 2011

Content Analysis

So, as I've been learning, measuring social media is a difficult task. You have to determine specifically what you want to measure and make sure that you set actual measurable goals. One of the ways to measure goals is through media content analysis. This is nothing new to the public relations field. PR professionals have done media clippings for years, analyzing the times a company is named in an article and how much space the article measures. But, in an online world there is so much more content to measure. There are now multiple sites that companies need to consider monitoring. You may have great face time on Facebook, but almost no presence in the blogosphere or on Twitter. Quantity isn't the most important thing to measure however. Companies also need to be aware of the quality of the messages that are being posted about them. Are they being mentioned in a positive tone? Are they prominently featured in the article?Are their key messages communicated? Is the source of the article a prominent person in the companies sphere? These are all questions that need to be accounted for and measured. It is also necessary to not rely on computers. Computers can only help us so much. They can find the articles, but when it comes to measuring the quality of the articles they fall short. Computers do not understand colloquialisms such as "wicked" or "sick." This is why a combination of computers and human readers is the best combination for a media content analysis. I think this is a great way for companies to figure out their image online and the type of presence they have. This kind of analysis is telling of the steps a company needs to take to make a more positive image for themselves.


food for thought: "A dream is a wish your heart makes"- Disney's Cinderella

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