Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Growth of Facebook

So, I know I always find files on, but I seriously find the coolest articles there. This neat article that I found is about the growth of Facebook and their global reach. Not surprisingly, Facebook expects there largest market to soon be India. Facebook has the largest imprint on the US market, where a fourth of the company finds its users. However, India is predicted to soon move into the number two spot. What is so amazing about this growth is that most of the users in India are not using desktop computers for the social media site. The article states that "More than twice as many people login to Facebook from mobiles than desktops globally." To me, this doesn't seem like such an amazing statistic in America, but overseas I can see how this is a really cool concept. Most of my friends have smart phones with the capability to access the internet and other social media sites through applications. Overseas they are just now starting to see a mobile boom. They are making cheaper phones with more capabilities so that people in lower income areas can interact just like those over in America. Facebook has also done great PR over in India, making sure that they have the governments approval to work in the country and teaming up with other companies to ensure that they have a positive image in India. I think that this article not only speaks to the great image Facebook has set up for itself but also Facebook's success at becoming a global company and playing into the new mobile trend. Who knew that a small networking site for college students would become all the rage worldwide? Facebook is changing people's lives and now cell phones are too. I've heard multiple times that mobile is the future, and I'm starting to believe it. I use my phone to type notes, to write reminders, to keep a calendar and to use social networking sites. This is not just a local phenomenon, because mobile phone usage is increasing world wide. People will start using their phones for a myriad of reasons. I think it's great that Facebook has found a successful market in India and I am also glad that they have seen the trend of mobile phones becoming more popular. This shows that Facebook is a perceptive company that wants to stay current.


food for thought: "Computing is not about computers any more.  It is about living."-Nicholas Negroponte

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