Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Home Stretch

So, there are only three more weeks of this semester left. It's actually pretty stressful. It seems like the less time we have left the more work that keeps piling up! I have so many presentations, portfolios, tests and projects due before it's even finals week. Honestly though, the transition to semesters has seemed pretty beneficial. Yes, the classes seemed to drag on, but the material was really able to sink in. There seemed to be more opportunities to bring grades up or to work on semester long projects. I also really enjoyed getting to know my professors. I'm excited for the semester to end though so I can start up my classes for next semester. It doesn't help that the weather outside is dreary and cold and damp. I hate this kind of weather because all it makes me want to do is sleep. I just want to crawl under my covers and hibernate until these next three weeks are over. Obviously, this does nothing for my determination to get things done. I'm pushing through though and I know that everything will turn out OK in the end. I've kind of learned in these past few years that there is no reason for me to get stressed about school or projects or my life. I know that if I plan everything out and work hard, I'll get done what I need to and to the best of my ability. So, I'm just going to try to relax, get my work done, attend my DZ events, get PR practicum hours and hopefully make it out alive!


food for thought: "Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also."- Carl G. Jung

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  1. I completely agree with the work amount. I feel as though the closer it gets to finals the more work I have accumulated! Thankfully, we are so close to being done!