Monday, November 21, 2011

A Pinteresting Thanksgiving

So, I get to go home tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I can't wait. Seriously, every holiday is so much fun for me. I love to go home and see my friends. I love spending time with my family. I love attending church. I love to eat good food. Everything about this time of year is perfection. And, Thanksgiving melds right into the Christmas season. I am so excited to go eat a ton of delicious food and sit around. I just want to relax, at least for one day. I do have some homework to do over the holidays, but it shouldn't be too intensive. I also am excited to use some of the great ideas I've found on Pinterest to make Christmas gifts. I'm not going to say them on my blog, but I'm stoked to make these handmade gifts for my family. I think a handmade gift means so much because you took the time to ACTUALLY make it and to think the idea up. I hate giving useless Christmas gifts that will never ever be used. So this year I'm hoping to make something beautiful and functional for each of my family members. Thank God for Pinterest. So, my Thanksgiving is going to be filled with love and good food and crafting. Sounds like a perfect week to me :]


food for thought: "Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures"- Jessamyn West

woah, that's neat: << A really great DIY :]

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