Monday, November 28, 2011

Putting it into Practice

So, I have the privilege to be the account executive for one of our Firm's new campaigns and I am so excited. It is a campaign called Theatrics and we have to try to get a certain percentage of our school population to upload videos to a website. Whilst brainstorming with the Firm and setting our course of events/action plan one of my peers brought up how important it is that we measure the metrics for this campaign. Other schools are larger than we are and will have a greater number of entries. While our percentage may be higher, the fact that they have more entries may look better. There are so many other things that we need to measure because we are a smaller school with a completely different population than say Florida State. It is necessary that we show the progress we made through views of the videos, uploads and actual numbers of entries posted. We should also see how well our messages got across, maybe send out a survey to the student body asking whether they even heard about our campaign. These steps are so necessary to the implementation of this campaign because we can use the results for future projects. Even if it isn't the Theatrics campaign, it would still be beneficial to know what audiences we reached and how well we communicated what we wanted. If we aren't successful in this campaign our metrics will hopefully help us to reach out to those that we didn't target last time.... But I already know we're going to win so that isn't even a problem. :p


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