Thursday, December 1, 2011

Music and the Internet: The Future

So, I am very interested in the future of music and the music business. With the advent of the internet and file sharing websites it is easier than ever to download all of your favorite songs for free. There is undeniably about to be a change in the way that the music business works. First, the way music is shared is going to change somehow. It is hard to find a Gen Y kid that still buys there music. After the advent of Napster, music has been "free" in someway. Of course this violates copyright laws and causes troubles, but I don't see this changing anytime soon. Artists still make tons of money and still create great music, but they need to rethink the way they share their songs. Some artists have already started to make this change. One of my favorite electronic artists, Pretty Lights, is light years ahead of other artists. He has his whole discography online for free. This astonishes me. I was able to download eighty-eight songs without spending a cent. This is a genius ploy. Not only does Pretty Lights entice new and old listeners alike with free music, but once they get hooked they can't stop. Not only that, but Pretty Lights generates all of his revenues from shows. He has an amazing set up and is amazing live, so it's no wonder that people flock to his concerts. This is the future of music. The internet will increase music sharing and artists need to realize that they will no longer make as much money from record or song sales. Another artist, Mac Miller found fame and fortune through the internet as well. He is an independent artist but has made viral videos that have rocketed him to fame. Here is an article that details Mac Miller's rise. I'm so excited to see where the future of music goes, and who knows? Maybe I can be apart of it!


food for thought: "A huge is a great gift- one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange."- Author Unknown

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